This is a plaster which has the ability to absorb soundwaves which then then resonate within the layer of the product. Partially or all the sound waves are then converted into heat. Less sound is therefor reflected, which makes it possible that echo is reduced in a space.
Have a look at this video to get some more info regarding specifically BoSpray

BoSpray consist of two parts. One part is the dry cellulose fiber and the other part is the liquid water based binder. In order to be able to spray it you need a glue pump and a fiber blower machine. There are different good suppliers on the market that are able to supply them. Please get in contact with us to see how we could help you out.

Yes it can be repainted. By applying the acoustical coat an acoustical transparent coating can be applied of the plaster. The acoustical coat can be supplied in any RAL color or special colors on request.
Have a look at Acoustic coat for more information 

BoSpray can almost be applied on all surfaces provided that they are sound, free from dust and/or grease. When applied on a gypsum board we advice to apply a quality sealer before the BoSpray will be applied.

NRC means Noise Reduction Coefficient. The NRC is calculated based on an average of a selection of frequencies.
When for example the NRC is 0.75, it means that 75% of the sound is absorbed and 25% reflected.
We have made a video where we talk a bit more about sound and acoustics in a practical manner. See here the link:

Yes, BoSpray is made out of recycled cellulose. Or in other words recycled paper. The product also scores LEED point. For more info please have a look at our LEED document.

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