Acoustical Coat

The coating that can refresh or change the color of your acoustical plaster or panel with out affecting the acoustical properties

BoSpray light grey (before)

After spraying the product the client requested if the color could be changed into RAL 7035 so it would be inline with the changed which were made in the design.

BoSpray light grey + Acoustical Coat RAL 7035(after)

The Acoustical Coat in color RAL 7035 was sprayed over the BoSpray light. Keeping it's acoustics and look and feel. Most important it was now in the color the client needed.

BoSpray white(before)

After spraying the white color the client decided that they preferred to have a black ceiling.

BoSpray white + Acoustical Coat Black (after)

A coat of Acoustical Coat Black was sprayed in order to comply with the wishes of the client

Acoustic Coat RAL 9016 applied on a acoustical PET 

The acoustical panels were painted Ral 9016 in order to blend in with the walls and ceilings

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